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We are a multi-diverse singular source for pest control products. Each of the highest functional value. We also partner with other manufacturers worldwide to bring the latest technology and resources in this area to an ever-changing clintele that we serve: industries such as: pest control, lawns & garden, turf and animal health. Our basic product lines can be accessed from this home page for your convenience. Velcare has always been an industry leader in integrated pest management (IPM) solutions prior to selling its stakes to rentokil (i) a British multinational company. our motto is to provide the most effective pest management products with a truly earnest concern for the environment, constantly. We offer a wide menu of service solution products, including but not limited to, general household pests, generly weed control, also exotic and aquatic, mosquito abatement, as well as bee, bats, birds and termite riddance. Our first and foremost concern is human health and envionment protection in all its aspects. Most often pests can be controlled with simple habitat modification, which our specialized technical advisors have been extensively trained to recognise.
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